environmentally relevant textile service


Take our word for it: because we have had our environmental awareness and sustainable corporate philosophy certified:

gsmaterialien sowie Einsatz und Aufbereitung von Mehrwegtextilien.

  • in the field of quality in accordance with ISO 9001

  • in the field of environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

On the basis of this certified environmental management system, we design our services to be as ecological as possible. And thus we help to maintain quality of life in our region. Through our environmental policy we are committed to the following principles:


  • Sparing use of resources


Use of environmentally proven techniques, energy minimised laundering and care procedures and use of efficient, environmentally relevant washing and cleaning products and aids; constant optimisation of resource consumption.


  • Reduction of emissions


Heat recovery in the production process, use of ecologically responsible means of transport, ecological route planning and driving training.


  • Safety measures


Avoidance of environmentally damaging incidents.


  • Environmental auditing


Regular adjustment of all operating processes with regard to their environmental effects.


  • Environmental management


Transfer of expertise in committees and associations to improve our performance with relation to environmental protection; collaboration with environmentally responsible suppliers.


  • Avoidance of waste


Reduction and recycling of waste, utilisation of reusable packaging materials and the utilisation and processing of reusable textiles.