for the sake of the environment

People ask questions. That is only natural. We too would want to know whether the hand towel we were using was not just hygienically clean but had also been laundered according to health and environmental principles. That is simply a part of personal well-being. And some people ask further questions. They think about the materials and their characteristics, and whether there is a fairly paid cotton producer at the end of the production chain.


For our laundries consistent environmental protection coupled with sustainable and united action are a matter of course. A commitment to environmental protection, compliance with ecological standards and fair treatment of suppliers are our shared goals.


For Servitex laundering means a commitment to environmental protection and compliance with ecological standards. This protection of natural resources is reflected not only in our products, the application of our technologies and the operation of our vehicle pool, but also in our use of essential chemicals and the way we dispose of waste.


Cleanliness and safety −

valuable arguments for our work and our guests

Taking responsibility. For economic, ecological and social justice – today that is more important than ever. In the eyes of our guests, too. For your company that means selecting a partner who fulfils exactly these criteria: Servitex.


Advertise corporate cleanliness, safety, fairness and an atmosphere in which your guests can feel completely at ease. And with products and quality characteristics which have been systematically examined and certified. This means that not only are you acting in the interests of the environment, you are also incidentally giving your image a green note and a touch of individuality – and your guests a clear conscience!


It is great when your guest chooses your hotel and environmental awareness pays off!


But in the key client sector too, sustainable development criteria are becoming gradually more and more integrated into supplier policy. Whether it be reducing energy consumption, encouraging healthy eating, training employees on disease prevention or using products with ecolabels: the large chains in particular have been looking at the effects of their trading for many years now. And they factor in not only their own employees but also hotel guests and suppliers.


The more stringently the company embraces the topic, the more successfully they can employ it to good advertising effect in the market. For instance, one Spanish hotel chain not only uses biodegradable products, but has also installed free charging points for electric cars. On its company website it offers guests the opportunity to measure their electricity consumption per hotel stay and concentrates on strategic alliances with platforms which make sustainability a top priority.